Surrogacy is a method which becomes necessary when a woman due to her poor health or infertility is not able to carry a baby. Surrogacy method has wholly revolutionized the infertility treatment. At Illinois IVF LCC, we perform surrogacy, and the results have been somewhat encouraging.

In this procedure, we include a surrogate mother who shoulders the responsibility of carrying the baby with whom she does not have any genetic link. The embryo production happens with the help of extracorporeal fertilization. In this process, the egg cells of the biological mother are fertilized with the sperm of the biological father. After the successful fertilization, the embryo is implanted to the surrogate mother. After the delivery of the child, the surrogate mother cannot claim any responsibility of the child, and she gives back the child to the legal parents. Surrogacy is a legal procedure and so far has helped many couples.