Illinois IVF LCC

Welcome to Illinois IVF LCC one of the leading fertility clinics based in the city of Auburn. We at Illinois IVF center strive hard to realize the dreams of infertile couples. We continually introduce innovations in this field and work with our patients to fulfill their desire of expanding their family. Every member of the Illinois IVF center believes infertility treatment is different from all the other treatment procedures. Couples generally go through traumatic conditions before they decide to visit us. We at Illinois IVF center treat all our patients like our extended family members, and we build an everlasting relationship with them.

At the present day, advancements in the IVF treatment procedure encourage many couples. Without a doubt, IVF is one of the most effective treatments to overcome infertility. After the initial consultation with the couples, the couples are requested to undergo a series of tests. We at Illinois IVF perform the following checks before finalizing the IVF treatment. Learn more about IVF here:

The first test is necessary to determine the blood cell count. In some instances, other tests like hormonal blood tests, determination of Rh factor, and tests to detect the presence of antibodies may be obligatory.

An ultrasound is also mandatory to evaluate the condition of the pelvic organs.

The male will have to undergo a semen analysis.

Illinois IVF center has some of the best-known fertility specialists While IVF treatment is our specialty, we also offer a wide array of infertility treatments like surrogacy, ICSI, egg donation, and of course the best pregnancy and maternity care. At Illinois IVF, we emphasize combining the latest treatment methodologies. So, you get the most state-of-the-art treatments performed by some of the most eminent doctors. Check out our gynecology and obstetrics partners here:

Since IVF has become the ultimate option for infertile couples, you can quickly get perplexed when you try to figure out the best IVF clinic in Illinois. However, as mentioned before, we treat our patients with compassion. For the said purpose, we have a dedicated team comprising of five fertility experts who are always ready to offer compassionate counseling to the distressed couples. We at Illinois IVF have made this our mission to do our best to realize the distant dream of the infertile couples.

Our IVF success rate at present is 46% which is much higher in comparison to the other IVF clinics. The success rate can be further increased with the various other assisted reproductive techniques.